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Concrete slab floor is extremely durable for almost anything. It can be easily cleaned and it lasts for years with very little maintenance. But over time concrete can develop cracks and pull away from the wall making gaps between the floor and the wall and between the floor slabs. Your uneven concrete slab floor doesn’t only affect your home value and appearance. It will also make you feel uncomfortable due to the resulted tripping hazard and the problems of shutting doors. Fix it fast with the concrete slab floor leveling and repair services of Slab Fix!

Why You Should Choose Polyurethane Foamjacking for Your Concrete Slab Floor Leveling Service:

  • No Mess: There’s no mess to clean up with polyurethane foam, as the components are contained within the equipment, as opposed to mudjacking slurry which needs to be mixed at the work site.
  • Less noise: Our crews won’t disrupt you or your neighbors with drilling, as we only need 3/8″ holes for foamjacking instead of the 4″ holes needed for mudjacking
  • Weight reduction: Less material weight means less strain on the already unstable soil below, leading to less chance of resettling.
  • Faster cure: You’ll be able to use the concrete slab in as little as 30 minutes thanks to foamjacking’s quick cure time.
  • Waterproof: You won’t have to worry about Florida’s frequent heavy rainstorms with the completely waterproof properties of foamjacking.

Concrete Leveling is perfect for any surface


    What Causes a Concrete Slab to Sink?

    There are a number of different reasons why your concrete may sink and be in need of concrete leveling services. The number one cause is fluctuating moisture levels. As the soil beneath your concrete slab gains or loses moisture, it shifts in unpredictable ways. This shifting is what causes the slab above to sink and crack.

    Another main cause is the soil itself. The soil underneath your concrete slab can suffer erosion, which will cause the slab to settle. The soil may also be a material that isn’t suitable for building on top of, such as loam and expansive clay soils. Poorly compacted soil is another big culprit of concrete sinkage.

    Concrete can also sink when tree roots grow in the soil underneath. Typically, sinking concrete is due to a combination of factors. When you have a sunken concrete slab on your property, get the concrete leveling services of Slab Fix. Call us today to schedule your appointment.

    Concrete Slab Repair vs. Replacement

    Why should you opt for concrete leveling services from the experts at Slab Fix over having your concrete replaced? The most obvious reason is the cost involved. When you choose concrete leveling services, you’re going to spend much less versus replacement. Concrete leveling is a relatively simple process that can most often be completed within a day. Concrete replacement, on the other hand, is much more labor-intensive. With concrete replacement, you have to hire an entire crew to remove the existing concrete, pour new concrete, and wait for the new surface to cure.

    Not only is concrete leveling the better choice for your budget, it’s also the environmentally-friendly choice. There are no waste products to wind up in a landfill, which is where most discarded concrete from concrete replacement winds up. No matter which way you slice it, if concrete floor leveling is an option for your Florida property, it’s the way to go! Call Slab Fix today to schedule your appointment.

    Four Step Concrete Slab Floor Leveling Process

    • First we drill small, strategically-placed holes throughout the sunken concrete
    • Once holes are drilled, an injector port is placed into each hole
    • Our polyurethane foam is then injected, where it expands and lifts the concrete slab into position
    • Once the injected foam has cured, the ports are removed and the holes are patched to give your concrete slab an even look and feel

    Why You Should Avoid DIY Concrete Slab Floor Leveling or Repair Solutions

    Concrete lifting and leveling services should always be left to the professionals, like the team at Slab Fix. The number one reason is that proper concrete leveling services require specialized equipment the average homeowner doesn’t have. The cost to buy — or even rent — this equipment yourself can be more than the cost of professional leveling services.

    In addition to the equipment issues, it’s also a significant safety hazard attempting to do your own concrete leveling. There are numerous safety precautions we take to ensure the safety of everyone around. If these steps are skipped, disaster could be around the corner.

    Don’t jeopardize the safety of yourself and your community. When you need concrete leveling services you can count on in OrlandoTampaDaytona BeachJacksonville, or St. Augustine, call Slab Fix!


    • We have a team of highly skilled professionals with experience you can count on to produce superior results in a short period of time.

    • Our pool deck leveling solutions are environmentally friendly, helping you reduce your carbon footprint.

    • Quick response time and efficient services, reducing disruptions in your daily life while we fix your problems.

    • Excellent communication and unparalleled customer service from dedicated professionals.

    • Affordable, cost-efficient solutions - our polyjacking services are 50% less than the cost of concrete replacement.

    Why Polyurethane Foam Jacking for Pool Deck Leveling?

    Are you tired of tripping when you head out for an early morning swim?  Worried about your kids running around the pool due to areas of uneven concrete?

    Beyond being an eyesore, uneven concrete slabs pose a number of threats, particularly when near your pool deck. The chances of tripping or slipping increase when your concrete is in need of repair.

    Uneven concrete is a deeper problem than what you see. Soil underneath your concrete is largely responsible for a settling pool deck, and traditional concrete replacement doesn’t address the issue of your soil. Additionally, concrete replacement takes time and is far more costly and disruptive to your daily life.

    Originally considered as a superior alternative to concrete replacement, mudjacking gained popularity with Florida homeownes. While it is more affordable than traditional concrete replacement, it is still messy, disruptive, and doesn’t fully address the soil problem because the injected slurry can resettle over time.

    At Slab Fix, we’re proud to use the most innovative and environmentally friendly option for Florida concrete repair – polyjacking. For pool deck leveling, our concrete lifting process is the best method of concrete repair. It’s more affordable and more permanent than any other solution for concrete leveling.