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When you’ve invested time and money into your Orlando home, you want to make sure you do everything in your power to ensure its long-term beauty and value. At Slab Fix, we offer a comprehensive selection of concrete lifting and seawall — sometimes called bulkhead — repair services for Orlando, FL homeowners. With our extensive experience, innovative and environmentally friendly materials, and dedication to quality work, you can count on us for superior concrete lifting in Orlando.

For homeowners with properties on the water, a strong and effective seawall is a necessity. Soil erosion due to moisture intrusion is one of the most common problems Orlando homeowners face, but Slab Fix has the answer. Our solutions for seawall repair in Orlando are environmentally friendly, effective, and cost-efficient. Rather than removing and replacing entire concrete slabs, our poly lifting process injects a polyurethane foam into the seawall to seal and fill any cracks in the concrete. This method is preferable to traditional concrete replacement for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the affordability.

Whatever issues you’re facing with a failing seawall, the trained and experienced professionals at Slab Fix have comprehensive solutions for seawall repair in Orlando, FL. Call today to get your free quote!

How to Spot Seawall or Bulkhead Damage

There isn’t a moment to waste when it comes to getting your seawall damage repaired. Every minute your seawall is damaged, more soil around your property is eroded, which can lead to devastating structural damage to your home. To keep your home protected, you need to know how to spot seawall damage before it turns into a catastrophe. Here are some of the most common signs:

  • Sunken walkways
  • Low spots in your lawn around the seawall
  • Rust stains along the seawall
  • Deteriorating, leaning, or cracked slabs

When you spot any of these issues with your seawall, your next step needs to be calling a seawall repair expert like Slab Fix. Our crew knows how to fix your seawall fast to keep your home protected. Call us today for a free quote and to schedule an inspection for your seawall.

Our Seawall and Bulkhead Repair Methods in Orlando, FL

You shouldn’t trust just anyone with your seawall, or bulkhead, repair services. Many companies offer outdated seawall repair solutions that not only provide a low-quality solution, but are also harmful to the environment. We do things differently here at Slab Fix!

Our team has two state-of-the-art seawall repair methods to give your property the highest level of protection. The one-component system is great for small leaks in your seawall. This method uses a special resin that combines with the soil to create a sandstone-like substance that seals cracks and provides an impenetrable barrier.

For larger cracks, we have a two-component system that utilizes polyurethane foam from our partners at Terrathane. Once injected, the foam expands to fill in the cracks and seal the seawall. Both methods are ANCI/NSF certified and environmentally friendly. Call Slab Fix today to find out which method is right for your seawall repair needs.

Why Choose Us For Seawall Repair in Orlando, FL?

There are a number of different companies in the Orlando, FL are you could choose for your seawall repair services. Why should you choose the team at Slab Fix? When you come to Slab Fix, you’re getting a team with more than 25 years of experience in the seawall repair industry. We know what it takes to get the job done right, and we take great care to give our customers the best service possible.

More than our experience, though, is our dedication not only to our customers, but to the environment. We’ve gone above and beyond to develop seawall repair strategies that not only provide better protection, but are more environmentally friendly than their traditional counterparts. Our team knows how important it is to keep our seafront happy and healthy, and we make sure that goal is at the forefront of our service. When you want a different level of seawall repair service for your Orlando, FL home, call on the team at Slab Fix!

Seawall Repair Services Beyond the Orlando, FL area

Slab Fix is your number one choice for seawall repair services in the Orlando, FL, area, but our service area extends far beyond Orlando and the greater metro area. In fact, you can find Slab Fix crews providing high-quality, affordable seawall repair and concrete leveling services across much of the state! Our crews can be found all over Eastern and Central Florida, including:

For a more complete idea of our service area, head over to our service area page to see the full list of areas we serve. Then give us a call to get a free quote on your seawall repair needs. When you need service you can count on anywhere in Florida, you need the team at Slab Fix.

Complete Concrete Leveling and Seawall Repair Services in Orlando, FL

At Slab Fix, we know how stressful home improvement projects can be, which is why we work hard to minimize any stress or hassle during this time. We personalize our services according to your unique needs, and will always go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction. We can help you with a number of services to enhance your Orlando, FL property, including:

Seawall Repair

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