Eco-Friendly Pool Deck Leveling for Orlando, FL Homeowners

For many Florida homeowners, concrete is the perfect choice for a pool deck due to its incredible durability. Florida is no stranger to severe weather, and concrete is able to withstand constant exposure to the elements. Although concrete is an excellent choice for pool decks, soil compaction, dry soil, and even sometimes water issues can cause concrete to become uneven over time. If you’re in need of pool deck leveling in Orlando, FL, Slab Fix is the company to call.

Our crews are available in ClearwaterTampa, Jacksonville, and many other areas in Central and Eastern Florida, too! Check out our service area page to find out if we serve your area, then call to schedule your appointment and receive a free quote on your pool deck leveling. 

Why Pool Deck Leveling is Important in Orlando, FL

A pool deck is a great place to hang out and enjoy the Florida weather. However it becomes an unsafe place for you and for the people you love if the concrete slabs are uneven or there are cracks present. An uneven concrete pool deck can cause many problems such as tripping hazards and forming puddles. 

The traditional fix for concrete slabs was to remove and replace the settled concrete. This outdated method is disruptive, costly, and not environmentally friendly. With pool deck leveling in Florida from Slab Fix, you can enjoy a safe and steady pool deck easily and affordably. Our unique polyurethane foam jacking lifts concrete slabs, making for a more eco-friendly and efficient leveling process.

Reasons Your Pool Deck May Sink

Now you know why pool deck leveling is important, but why do you need the service in the first place? The reason a pool deck sinks is due to the soil underneath. Often times when a new pool is excavated, not enough care is placed into the soil around the area. This means the soil around your new pool is often times loose or poorly compacted, and cannot properly support the weight of the concrete above.

Over time, that instability causes the soil to shift, leading to your concrete pool deck sinking. That’s when you need to call an expert like the team at Slab Fix. We’ll have your pool deck properly leveled and beautiful again quickly! Call us today to schedule your appointment, or fill out our convenient online form.


The Benefits of Pool Deck Leveling to Orlando Homeowners


  • Clean: Mudjacking and traditional concrete replacement are messy because the materials must be mixed on site, and the slurry is then moved via a cart to the work area. Our innovative method of polyurethane foamjacking for pool deck leveling causes no mess, since the equipment containing the foam is fully sealed and connected to the repair area. foam is connected and sealed to the repair area.
  • Less Disruptive: Polyurethane foamjacking requires only a ⅜” wide holes to be drilled, whereas mudjacking needs few 4 inch wide holes. Not only is polyjacking less invasive, it also is much quieter and less of a hassle for homeowners. 
  • Lightweight: Because polyurethane foam is so lightweight, the chances of the concrete resettling are significantly reduced. Polyjacking also reduces the burden on unstable soils underneath the concrete, making it a long-lasting solution for pool deck leveling.
  • Quick Cure Time: At Slab Fix, we know you’re busy with the demands of daily life. Our environmentally friendly polyurethane injection process is completed quickly and cures so fast that you can drive on the repaired concrete within 30 minutes or less of application.
  • Waterproof: Florida sees its fair share of severe storms and rainy days. When you choose polyjacking from Slab Fix, you don’t have to worry about the rain because our polyurethane is waterproof.

A Simple and Effective Process

The ultimate goal with the pool deck leveling services at Slab Fix is to level the concrete slab quickly and effectively. We want to make sure your life is interrupted for as little time as possible, and that the deck leveling service lasts.

That’s why our process is simple, yet effective. Our team drills strategically-placed holes in the concrete that needs leveling. Once the holes have been drilled, we inject the polyurethane foam. This foam is quick-setting, and expands to provide you with permanent reinforcement underneath the concrete.

That’s it! In a matter of a couple of hours, your pool deck will be good as new! Trust your pool deck leveling needs to the experts at Slab Fix today. Call now to schedule an appointment.




    • We have a team of highly skilled professionals with experience you can count on to produce superior results in a short period of time.

    • Our pool deck leveling solutions are environmentally friendly, helping you reduce your carbon footprint.

    • Quick response time and efficient services, reducing disruptions in your daily life while we fix your problems.

    • Excellent communication and unparalleled customer service from dedicated professionals.

    • Affordable, cost-efficient solutions - our polyjacking services are 50% less than the cost of concrete replacement.

    Why Polyurethane Foam Jacking for Pool Deck Leveling?

    Are you tired of tripping when you head out for an early morning swim?  Worried about your kids running around the pool due to areas of uneven concrete?

    Beyond being an eyesore, uneven concrete slabs pose a number of threats, particularly when near your pool deck. The chances of tripping or slipping increase when your concrete is in need of repair.

    Uneven concrete is a deeper problem than what you see. Soil underneath your concrete is largely responsible for a settling pool deck, and traditional concrete replacement doesn’t address the issue of your soil. Additionally, concrete replacement takes time and is far more costly and disruptive to your daily life.

    Originally considered as a superior alternative to concrete replacement, mudjacking gained popularity with Florida homeownes. While it is more affordable than traditional concrete replacement, it is still messy, disruptive, and doesn’t fully address the soil problem because the injected slurry can resettle over time.

    At Slab Fix, we’re proud to use the most innovative and environmentally friendly option for Florida concrete repair – polyjacking. For pool deck leveling, our concrete lifting process is the best method of concrete repair. It’s more affordable and more permanent than any other solution for concrete leveling.