Concrete driveways are usually exposed to concrete settling causing the concrete to sink. Uneven concrete driveways can be a multifaceted problem for homeowners. It reduces the value of the house. in addition to many other problems such as tripping hazard, forming puddles and bad drainage. Replacing the settled concrete is disruptive and costly. But with polyurethane foam jacking, lifting your driveway concrete slab is is much easier than before.

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Advantages of Polyurethane Foamjacking:

  • Clean: Unlike mudjacking which can cause a mess. As the materials are mixed onsite and the slurry is moved in a cart to the work area. Polyurethane foam jacking causes no mess as the equipment containing the foam is connected and sealed to the repair area.
  • Less disruptive: Polyurethane foamjacking requires only a ⅜” wide holes to be drilled, causinges less noise than mudjacking which needs few 4 inch wide holes.
  • Lightweight: Which lowers the chance of resettlement. As polyjacking reduces the overburden on the unstable soils under the concrete.
  • Quick cure time: It can be driven on after 30 minutes or less.
  • Water proof: You don’t have to worry about the wet days. In addition it can be used for the pool decks.



  • Slab Fix has a well trained and experienced team of specialists.

  • We use environmentally friendly materials.

  • Highly rated concrete leveling services in Central Florida.

  • Experienced customer service team to answer all your questions.

  • Excellent response time.

  • 50% less than the cost of concrete replacing.

  • Excellent results in a short time.


Are you fed up of being tripped entering your home because your concrete slabs are uneven?

Have you noticed that you have to avoid the sunken concrete slabs of the sidewalk during your morning run?

No doubt that the settled concrete causes an eye sore in addition to tripping hazard.
One inconvenient, costly and time consuming method is the concrete replacement and it doesn’t solve the problem as over time the concrete will settle again due to the freshly placed soil underneath.

People started to use mudjacking instead of concrete replacement as it is less costly however it has many disadvantages such as being messy, disruptive and it doesn’t solve the problem too because the injected slurry can resettle with time.

Since it’s invention PolyJacking has become the best solution for fixing sunken concrete, as it makes concrete leveling easier than ever before, more affordable, and more permanent than any other concrete leveling solution.