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Concrete patio is durable and satisfactory for all tastes. It lasts longer and less costly than the stone patio. It is easy to be cleaned and can be stamped to look as if it were made of actual stone. Over time concrete slabs settle and become uneven. Uneven concrete patio can cause many problems such as tripping hazard, forming puddles and bad drainage. Replacing the settled concrete is disruptive and it is costly as well. But with the polyurethane foam jacking patio leveling is much easier than before.

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Polyurethane foamjacking vs mudjacking for Patio Leveling Services:

  • Cleaner: With polyurethane foamjacking, the material is already in the equipment, as opposed to mudjacking slurry, which has to be mixed on-site. 
  • Less disruptive: No one likes dealing with noisy construction crews. With polyurethane foamjacking, the holes needed are much smaller, which means less drilling and noise!
  • Lightweight: Mudjacking slurry weighs considerably more than polyurethane foam, which places more strain on the already unstable soil beneath your concrete.
  • Quick cure time: You’ll be able to use your patio again in as little as 30 minutes when you choose polyurethane foamjacking from Slab Fix.
  • Waterproof: Polyurethane foam is completely waterproof, which makes it the perfect option for leveling you pool deck or patio!

Spot the Signs of Patio Damage

One of the best way to save yourself time and money on patio leveling services is to spot the damage early. The earlier on you can spot damage to your concrete patio, the more likely you are to avoid costly replacement. Some of the signs are obvious, but others are more subtle.

If you see cracks in your concrete patio, or find areas where the slab has sunken, those are clear and obvious signs it’s time for patio leveling services. However, there are a couple of other signs to look for that may not be as obvious. If you see stains on your slab, this can be a sign of damage below the surface. Additionally, the soil around your patio may erode, which if left unaddressed, will lead to the slab sinking.

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Florida's Best Patio Leveling Service

No matter where you are in Central or Eastern Florida, when you need patio leveling services you can count on, turn to the team at Slab Fix. Our crew has more than two decades of experience and knows what it takes to get the job done right the first time. Our team is available in:




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    • We use environmentally friendly materials.

    • Highly rated concrete leveling services in Central Florida.

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    Why Polyurethane Foam Jacking for Pool Deck Leveling?

    Are you tired of tripping when you head out for an early morning swim?  Worried about your kids running around the pool due to areas of uneven concrete?

    Beyond being an eyesore, uneven concrete slabs pose a number of threats, particularly when near your pool deck. The chances of tripping or slipping increase when your concrete is in need of repair.

    Uneven concrete is a deeper problem than what you see. Soil underneath your concrete is largely responsible for a settling pool deck, and traditional concrete replacement doesn’t address the issue of your soil. Additionally, concrete replacement takes time and is far more costly and disruptive to your daily life.

    Originally considered as a superior alternative to concrete replacement, mudjacking gained popularity with Florida homeownes. While it is more affordable than traditional concrete replacement, it is still messy, disruptive, and doesn’t fully address the soil problem because the injected slurry can resettle over time.

    At Slab Fix, we’re proud to use the most innovative and environmentally friendly option for Florida concrete repair – polyjacking. For pool deck leveling, our concrete lifting process is the best method of concrete repair. It’s more affordable and more permanent than any other solution for concrete leveling.