Polyurethane Concrete Leveling for Florida Homeowners

Using innovative and environmentally friendly polyurethane injection technology, we can efficiently and effectively lift sunken concrete slabs.

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It’s not uncommon for Florida homeowners to experience sunken concrete slabs. At Slab Fix, we offer both solutions for repairing and replacing sunken concrete slabs. We will drill a hole, then pump our unique polyurethane product under the slab to effectively lift it. Done with incremental injections, raising cement using polyurethane is a safe, cost-efficient, and effective way to repair sunken slabs.


Quickly Repair Sunken Slabs For:

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Sam was very professional and work was completed on time and stayed within price as quoted. He and his helper were polite, worked without delay and finished as promised. The water problem has resided and we are very happy

Donna S.

Concrete Repair and Maintenance
Very professional and punctual. Gave an accurate estimate upfront and did the work with no problems. The driveway now looks great … Thanks.

John S.

Longwood, FL
My cracked and sunken patio slab and stones are now exactly where they should be! Great price, punctual, perfect job, and no mess left afterwards. I had been putting off repairing my patio slab for years because I was afraid it would cost a fortune and might not turn out well. I am SO glad I chose Slab Fix!!

Katharine L.

Altamonte Springs, FL

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