Moisture intrusion is a common problem for homeowners, but particularly for Florida homeowners with waterfront properties. If you have a home on the water, an effective and well-constructed seawall is essential in the protection of your property. With the occurrence of natural soil erosion, hurricanes and other severe storms, and rising sea levels, a seawall serves as the first line of defense against erosion. 

If you need seawall repair in Florida, you need the experienced professionals at Slab Fix. With years of experience and an impressive knowledge of the Florida climate, we have the skills and resources required to handle all of your seawall repair needs. From your first phone call with us through the completion of your project, we’ll work with you to provide you with personalized solutions to restore your seawall to full strength for superior protection against soil erosion


Common Seawall Problems Florida Homeowners Face

Time is an important factor when it comes to seawall repair in Florida. Once a seawall has been compromised, soil begins washing away quickly. While soil erosion may not seem like the most urgent matter, complications and major structural damage can occur if your seawall is not repaired promptly. 

How do you know your seawall needs repair? The most common signs that your seawall needs attention include:

  • Cracked Slabs
  • Leaning Slabs
  • Deteriorating Slabs
  • Rust Stains Along the Seawall
  • Low Spots in Lawn Behind the Seawall
  • Sunken Walkways

If you’ve spotted any of these signs, it’s time to call the premier professionals for seawall repair in Florida, Slab Fix. We’ll come to your property to inspect the damage to your seawall and offer you a free estimate for the cost of your repair.

Seawall Repair Solutions for Florida Homeowners

When it comes to seawall repair, there are multiple possible methods. Outdated methods like cement grouting are harmful to the environment and can be inferior in terms of protection.

At Slab Fix, we offer superior solutions for seawall repair. Both of our options are ANCI/NSF certified, environmentally friendly, and are produced by reputable companies in the United States. 

The two methods of seawall repair we use are:

  • One-Component System: This method of seawall repair uses a special resin injected through 1/2″ pipes deep in the soil behind the seawall. This resin combines with the soil to form sandstone-like rock and closes any cracks in your seawall. 
  • Two-Component System: Used to fill larger voids, a two-component system uses environmentally friendly polyurethane foam. Polyurethane foam expands, filling and closing any cracks in your seawall. 


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