Here, in Central Florida, properties located on lakes, canals and sea, often experience erosion. Erosion can be caused by different reasons. Weather is the number reason, hurricanes, rise of sea level, and storms. Or a seawall fails due to aging or improper build.
Having a proper seawall is essential to keeping a property safe and looking good. It prevents the property line from eroding and as a defense from water. Seawall adds value and functionality to a property located on water.

Seawall Problems

Urgency is very important in locating and addressing seawall problems. Once a seawall is compromised, soil starts washing away fast and it may cause structural disasters if not addressed promptly. Signs of seawall failures are low spots in the lawn behind the seawall, sunken walkways or visible cracks in the seawall. Whenever these signs are suspected, it is time to call SLAB FIX experts to inspect the site and offer free estimate to address the issue.

Seawall Repair

There are different repair methods. Using a One Component System, which utilizes a special Resin injected through ½” pipes deep in the soil behind the seawall to formulate with the soil to form sandstone like rock and close any cracks in the seawall. Or, a Two Component System, to fill larger voids with expanding Polyurethane foam and close any cracks in the seawall.
Both products are ANCI/NSF certified, harmless to the environment and made by reputable companies here in the U.S.A.



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