Community Sidewalks Repair

Concrete leveling project at FL TPKE 91 - TURKEY LAKE S. PLAZA

Community Sidewalk Repair

HOA & Community Association Management often need to replace multiple sidewalk slabs every year that are uneven and that are considered a dangerous trip hazards. This process, beside being expensive, is a nuisance to neighbors, produces unwanted land fill and is waste of energy and time. With the introduction of Polyurethane Foam Lifting Technology, the repair of multiple uneven sidewalk slabs can be done in few hours, and can be used immediately after work is done. Also, in some cases, sidewalk slabs are pushed up by tree roots. This can be quickly fixed by using a scarifier to grind down raised parts of the sidewalk. Alas, some slabs are beyond repair, and will need to be replaced. Having one company do all of the above, can help the HOA and Community management associations save thousands of Dollars in replacement costs and possibly save them from costly trip and fall law suits.


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