Slab Fix Excels in Florida Seawall Repair Case Study

Slab Fix Seawall Repair Trailer
Slab Fix Seawall Repair Trailer
Trust Slab Fix with your seawall repair needs in Central Florida

For most people, living in Florida is a dream come true. The views are incredible, and the easy access to the ocean comes with some incredible benefits. Our residents truly love the easy access to boating, fishing, and relaxation that comes with having the beach so close. But with that closeness comes some complications that many don’t think about. Chief among them is what that ocean water can do the soil around there home. That’s where a seawall comes in! Your seawall protects your home and property against soil erosion. However, the constant battering of waves can cause that seawall to deteriorate over time and need seawall repair, as one particular West Central Florida homeowner found out the hard way.

This case study exemplifies how Slab Fix can quickly, accurately, and safely provide your home with the high-quality seawall repair services you need to keep your property protected. It started with this particular homeowner identifying the tell-tale signs of seawall damage. In this case, the damage presented with cracking and sinkholes forming around the perimeter of the seawall. The homeowner saw our cost-effective solutions in the form of a specialized polyurethane foam called Terra-Lok and gave us a call.

From there, the process was pretty straight-forward and faster than the homeowner expected. Our crew got to work on their seawall, placing 6ft injection rods around the affected areas. These injector rods allow us to inject the single-component, low-viscosity polyurethane foam down to the base of the seawall. From there, the foam permeates the soil and works its way into large voids or gaps in the soil. After some time, the moisture from the soil interacts with the foam and causes it to greatly expand, filling these voids and providing the stability your seawall needs.

The goal of this seawall repair service was to provide the seawall with a stable base to stand up to the beating it takes from the sea. Our polyurethane foam was the perfect solution, and the entire process was finished in just one day! That quick turnaround time can save homeowners thousands in repair costs!

For more information and to read the full case study, head over to, then give us a call to schedule your own seawall repair services in Central Florida.


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